Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Hall of Fame honours those runners who have completed at least 30 Melbourne Marathons. Membership rules are as follows:

(1) Inductees into the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Inc. – Hall of Fame must have successfully completed thirty Melbourne Marathons.
(2) Inductees must be Financial Members of the Club at the time of induction.
(3) Inductees must be formally invited to join the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Inc. – Hall of Fame.
(4) Presentation of Hall of Fame certificates to be made at our Club’s Annual General Meeting following the invitee’s successful completion of their thirty Melbourne Marathons.
(5) Once inducted into the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Inc. – Hall of Fame, inductees will be listed as Hall of Fame members on our Club’s website.

The following achievements have been updated after the 2016 Marathon. The last completed Melbourne Marathon is shown in brackets.


Legends have completed all 39 Melbourne Marathons. The seven Legends are:

  • Frank Biviano (2016)
  • John Dobson (2016)
  • David Foskey (2016)
  • Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves (2016)
  • Manuel Karageorgiou (2016)
  • Wayne Thompson (2016)
  • Roger Weinstein (2016)

Spartans Who Have Run 30 or more Melbourne Marathons

The following runners have only missed one Melbourne Marathon.

  • Ian Campbell (2016)
  • Bryan Flegg (2016)
  • Neville Gardner (An original Legend) (2015)
  • Chas Harcoan (2016)
  • Dennis Nish (2016)

These Spartans have finished 37 Melbourne Marathons.

  • Peter Battrick (An original Legend) (2015)
  • Ken Bowes (2016)
  • Jim Hopkins (2016)
  • Antony Martin (2015)
  • Peter Ryan (An original Legend) (2014)
  • Grayson Summers (2016)
  • Richard Tann (2015)

This Spartan finished 35 Marathons.

  • Laurie Glover (deceased) (2012)

These runners have finished 34 Marathons.

  • Carlo Iovenitti (2016)
  • Steven Lightowler (2016)
  • Conor McNeice (2014)

This runner has completed 33 Marathons.

  • John Burt (2016)

These runners have completed 32 Marathons.

  • John Dean (An original Legend) (2011)
  • Brian Gawne (2012)

These runners have completed 31 Marathons.

  • Hugh Creamer (2016)
  • Russell Harris (2016)
  • Brian Walsh (2016)
  • Con Zanetidis (2016)

These runners have completed 30 Marathons.

  • Jack Gubbins (An original Legend) (2007)
  • Keith Hunter (2008)
  • Clarke Whitehand (2009)
  • Shirley Young (An original Legend) (2007)

Back: Brian Gawne, David Foskey, Manny Karageorgiou, Jim Hopkins, Frank Biviano, Carlo Iovenitti, Ron Young, Pete Battrick, Clarke Whitehand.

Middle: Tony Martin, Steven Lightowler, Roger Weinstein, Bruce Hargreaves, Chas Harcoan, Ken Bowes, Conor McNeice, Jack Gubbins, Brian Flegg, John Dobson.

Front: John Dean, Wayne Thompson, Nev Gardner, Grayson Summers, Ian Campbell, Peter Ryan

Absent: John Burt, Laurie Glover (deceased), Keith Hunter, Dennis Nish, Richard Tann

Hall of Fame Members present at 2013 Annual General Meeting