Photographs from the 2013 Annual General Meeting

All of the following photographs were taken by Emily Fleming during the course of the 2013 Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Annual General Meeting. They have been reduced in size to make them more accessible on the web page, and are not ideal for printing. If you would like a larger image that can be printed, send an email to [email protected] providing the name of the image, for example IMG_3585.JPG.

Tristan Miller, our guest speaker, presented the singlets while President Jay Fleming presented the Hall of Fame certificates.

10 Year Spartans

Kevin Stewart

Jan Stewart

Genevieve Martin

Warren McVean

Felicity Doolan

Con Mellos

Wade Noonan

Genevieve Martin, Jan Stewart, Kevin Stewart

Warren McVean, Felicity Doolan, Con Mellos, Wade Noonan, Tristan Miller

15 Year Runner

Greg Wright

20 Year Spartans

Milan Stanisic

Ian Harris

25 Year Spartans

Ian Gainey

Ashley Page

35 Year Spartans

Ian Campbell

Bryan Flegg

Chas Harcoan

Antony Martin

Back: Ian Harris, Ashley Page, Tony Martin, Ian Campbell, Bryan Flegg, Tristan Miller, Chas Harcoan, Greg Wright

Front: Ian Gainey

15, 20, 25 and 35 year Spartans

Hall of Fame

Peter Battrick

Frank Biviano

Ken Bowes

Ian Campbell

John Dean

John Dobson

Bryan Flegg

David Foskey

Neville Gardiner

Brian Gawne

Jack Gubbins

Chas Harcoan

Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves

Jim Hopkins

Carlo Iovenitti

Manny Karageorgiou

Steven Lightowler

Tony Martin

Conor McNeice

Peter Ryan

Grayson Summers

Wayne Thompson

Roger Weinstein

Clarke Whitehand

Ron Young, on behalf of Shirley Young

Back: Brian Gawne, David Foskey, Manny Karageorgiou, Jim Hopkins, Frank Biviano, Carlo Iovenitti, Ron Young, Pete Battrick, Clarke Whitehand
Middle: Tony Martin, Steven Lightowler, Roger Weinstein, Bruce Hargreaves, Chas Harcoan, Ken Bowes, Conor McNeice, Jack Gubbins, Bryan Flegg, John Dobson.
Front: John Dean, Wayne Thompson, Nev Gardner, Grayson Summers, Ian Campbell, Peter Ryan
Hall of Fame Members

Back: Peter Ryan, Pete Battrick, Frank Biviano, Wayne Thompson, John Dobson, Bruce Hargreaves.
Front: David Foskey, Nev Gardner, Roger Weinstein, Manny Karageorgiou
The Legends

Peter Ryan, retiring from the committee after 25 years of service as President, Vice-President and committee member

Maureen Wilson, Anne Ziogos, Lorraine Devenport, Christine Hodges.

In red: David Foskey, Jon and Tamami Holmes. Blue Polo with thin white hoops: Ashley Page. Dark coat, red singlet in hand: Milan Stanisic