Next Club Run November 28

Join President Jay Fleming to run around the Tan on Sunday November 28. We will meet outside the Observatory, Birdwood Avenue at 8am and run/jog/walk a lap or two of the Tan. Afterwards we can have a drink at Jardin Tan. Please wear your Spartan singlets so we can make a show. Parking for three hours is free on Sundays. We will run clockwise (up Anderson St hill) so if you arrive late, run in the other direction and you should meet up with a group.

Club Run October 24

Now that Covid restrictions have eased, we have restarted club runs!
A small group braved the rain and met at the Tan.

The next run is scheduled for November 28 (fourth Sunday in the month) and we are looking forward to a larger turn-up as well as friendlier weather.

Kai Ooi, Milan Stanisic, Ian Gainey, Frank Pupic, Nev Gardner, Jay Fleming, Pamela Young, Candida Baskcomb, Peter Seal, Gavin Criddle, Yao Wang

Club Run, Sunday June 27

On a crisp Melbourne morning, five days after the shortest day of the year, we had approximately 20 Spartans meet to run around the Tan. Some members chose to run a warm-up lap before the main group set off just after 8:00am for one or two laps. President Jay Fleming asked all members to sign-in, either by scanning our QR code, or by signing a register.

Frank Pupic, Vilim Podreka, Chris Worsnop, Matt Callaghan, Andrew Mott, Brian Walsh, Bryan Flegg, Peter Smith, Milan Stanisic, John Dobson, Peter Seal.
Front, Kai Ooi, Yao Wang, Justin Hansen, Jay Fleming, Brenda Hutchinson, Ian Gainey
Missing from photograph: David Foskey, Gavin Criddle

Chris Worsnop and Brian Walsh

John Dobson making a point

Part of the group, having a coffee, after the run. Matt Callaghan and Gavin Criddle are in the foreground.

Club Run, Sunday May 23

Eighteen members met for the third run of 2021 on a crisp morning. It was pleasing to see some members present for the first time as well as a good proportion of regular participants.

David Foskey, Kai Ooi (partially obscured), Peter Logan, Grant Padula, Paul Basile (partially obscured), Simom Iskenderian, Ian Gainey, Matt Callaghan, Yao Wang, Justin Hansen, Gavin Criddle, John Kaparelis, John Dean, Michael Whiteoak. Nev Gardner, Cameron Stamp, Vilim Podreka, Frank Pupic.
Thanks to Jane for taking the photograph, and talking (most of) us into kicking our legs.

Nev Gardner, Michael Whiteoak, Simon Iskenderian, Peter Logan

Yao Wang, Peter Logan

Club Run, Sunday March 28

Fourteen members met for the second run of the year.

David Foskey, Frank Pupic, Robyn Fletcher, John Kaparelis, Vilim Podreka, Matt Callaghan, Jay Fleming, John Dean, Milan Stanisic, Gavin Criddle, Ian Gainey, Pamela Young, Candida Baskcomb. Peter Seal joined us later.
One of my (David Foskey) aims for this run was to take a few group shots of our members running on beautiful sections of the track. As members ran past me, they smiled and waved. Alas, the quality of photographs did not match the superb posing of runners. Perhaps next time I should read page 2 of the manual.

Ian Gainey at speed on the road.

Peter Seal, Vilim Podreka, Frank Pupic, Robyn Fletcher.

Pamela Young and Candida Baskcomb

From left and going clockwise, Peter Seal (hands to head), Vilim Podreka, Ian Gainey, Frank Pupic, Matt Callaghan, Milan Stanisic, David Foskey, Pamela Young, Jay Fleming, Gavin Criddle, John Dean.

First 2021 Club Run, Sunday February 28

We had a relatively small attendance at our first club run for 2021. A pity, because conditions were absolutely ideal.

Thanks to Kai Ooi we have our very first action videos. (Warning, these are large files!) See Rod Bayley here or Kimbra Stanfield, Candida Baskcomb and Pamela Young here.

Standing: Kai Ooi, Rod Bayley, Paul Basile, Ken Miller, Nev Gardner, Frank Biviano, Pamela Young, Kimbra Stanfield, Peter Ryan.
Front (kneeling): Milan Stanisic, David Foskey, Jay Fleming, Candida Baskcomb

See Rod Bayley running.

President Jay Fleming in discussion with Vice-President Paul Basile

Kai Ooi, Frank Biviano, Milan Stanisic around a table at Jardin Tan

Pete Battrick and Nev Gardner.
Doubtless discussing Richmond v Carlton

Candida Baskcomb, Pamela Young, Kimbra Stanfield

Club Get-Together December 20

There was a Spartans Christmas get-together at Ferdinando Gardens in Hampton on Sunday December 20.

Vicky Chung (partial), Paul Basile, Colin Silcock-Delaney, Josh Basile (seated), Kelly Basile, John Kaparelis, Jay Fleming.

Kelly Basile, John Kaparelis.

David Foskey, John Dean, Steven Lightowler.

Jay Fleming, Josh Basile, Paul Basile.

Club Run, Sunday November 22

It is always pleasing to welcome members who have not joined us before and there were new faces at this run. Afterwards, President Jay Fleming organised drinks from Jardin Tan.

From front left: Peter Seal, Cameron Stamp, John Zeleznikow, Pamela Young, Nev Gardner, John Dobson, Justin Hansen, Chris Worsnop, John Dean, John Kaparelis, Jay Fleming, Rod Bayley, Kimbra Stanfield, Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh, Kai Ooi (crouching), Ken Miller, Stephen Barker. Front (kneeling): Gavin Criddle, David Foskey

John Kaparelis, Steven Lightowler, Jay Fleming, Kimbra Stanfield, Kai Ooi, Nev Gardner.

Pete Battrick, Cameron Stamp, John Zeleznikow, Francis Kaszmarek.
That’s a 1.5 metre tape measure between John and Francis.

Setting off, already considerable distance between first and last.

Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh and John Dean

Nev Gardner and David Foskey practising synchronised running.

Club Run, Sunday May 31

It was with considerable trepidation that this run was organised: would anyone turn up at all given the ramifications of Covid-19?

We were delighted that more than 20 Spartans, including some we hadn’t seen before, met to run a variable number of laps, and then adjourned to Jardin Tan for a stand-up coffee. The Committee is determined to find a more efficient method of organising the ordering of coffees, but we think everyone was eventually served. The last Spartans left some time after 11am, perhaps because they’d parked in a 3 hour zone!

Back: Daniel Pelly, Milan Stanisic, Grayson Summers, Cameron Stamp, Shane Draper, John Kaparelis, John Dobson, Siobhan, Brenda Hutchinson, Merle Want, Kai OOi, Jane Sturzaker, John Dean, Stephen Barker, Brian Walsh, Bryan Flegg. Front: Ian Gainey, David Foskey, Jay Fleming, Candida Baskcomb, Gavin Criddle. Missing for photograph: Peter Seal

John Dobson warmed up with two laps before joining the group.

Jane Sturzaker and Merle Want also ran warm-up laps.

John Kaparelis, Merle Want, Jane Sturzaker, Jay Fleming

Daniel Pelly, John Kaparelis, Kai Ooi.

Grayson Summers, John Dobson, Gavin Criddle.

Candida Baskcomb, Peter Seal and wife

After run at Jardin Tan

Club Run, Sunday 15 March 2020 at the Tan

17 Spartans met for a lap or three of the Tan on the scheduled day for the 2020 Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix,.

Back: Rose Parente, Pamela Young, Peter Seal, Frankie Palermo, Cameron Stamp, Gavin Criddle, John Dean, Rod Bayley, John Kaparelis, Frank Pupic, Bryan Flegg, Carlo Iovenitti Front:Candida Baskcomb, Frank Biviano, Jay Fleming, David Foskey Missing for photograph: Justin Hansen

This photo shows some of the attendees (Justin Hansen at the head of the table) half way through eating the delicacies provided by John Kaparelis and Jay Fleming.
One feature of of the varied discussions around the table was that members came up with a number of suggestions that will be considered very seriously at the next meeting of the committee.

Another view of the group. (This image provided by Gavin Criddle.)

Frank Biviano, Bryan Flegg, Frank Pupic, Carlo Iovenitti.

Jardin Tan is normally crowded when we have our coffees, but was very quiet this morning despite excellent weather conditions.

Frank Pupic, Carlo Iovenitti


Club Run, Sunday 24 November 2019 at the Tan

Once again about 20 Spartans came to the Tan to run some laps and drink some club supplied beverages. The weather was good, and we shared the Tan track with the Sri Chinmoy Tan Team Relay competitors.

Back: Ken Miller, Pamela Young, Andrew Mott, Brian Walsh, Cameron Stamp, Jay Fleming.
Middle: Len Hallett, Bryan Flegg, Gavin Criddle, Anubhav Tewari, Carlo Iovenitti
Front:Frank Biviano, Candida Baskcomb, David Foskey, Nev Gardner, Archie Ingram, Tewari Jnr1, Tewari Jnr2
Missing: Pete Battrick, Steve Miller, Justin Hansen

Gavin Criddle, Jay Fleming

Len Hallett, Pete Battrick, Carlo Iovenitti

Andrew Mott, Anubhav Tewari

Pamela Young, Candida Baskcomb

Candida Baskcomb, Nev Gardner, Jay Fleming, Gavin Criddle

Bryan Flegg, Frank Biviano

Club Run, Sunday 18 August 2019 at the Tan

Once again more than 20 Spartans came to the Tan to run some laps and drink some club supplied beverages. Brenda Hutchinson took the occasion to a completely new level by supplying some cake!

Back:Candida Baskcomb, Pamela Young, Ken Miller, John Dobson, Frank Biviano, Justin Hansen, Rose Parente, Peter Seal, Gavin Criddle, John Dean, John Kaparelis, Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh, Frank Pupic
Front: David Foskey, Brenda Hutchinson, Archie Ingram, Jay Fleming, Ian Gainey
Missing: Vicky Chung, Pete Battrick, Nev Gardner. There was another green singlet Spartan on the track who didn’t join us.

Peter Seal, Rose Parente, Vicky Chung, Nev Gardner

Ian Gainey, Candida Baskcomb, Pamela Young, Gavin Criddle

David Foskey, Ian Gainey, Pamela Young, Gavin Criddle

Brian Walsh, Bryan Flegg, Frank Pupic

Jay Fleming, Archie Ingram, John Kaparelis, John Dean

Pete Battrick, Brenda Hutchinson

Club Run, Sunday 30 June 2019 at the Tan

More than 20 Spartans came to the Tan to run one or two laps, and many stayed for a cup of coffee. (Jay Fleming, as president, bought the beverages on behalf of the club.) Not everyone made it into a photo, and a few names were missed. If you are shown as “Unknown” please email David Foskey

Rear: Frank Biviano, Peter Logan (Note the 1990s Qantas singlet), Frank Pupic, John Dean, Jay Fleming, John Dobson, Stephen Barker, Brenda Hutchinson, Pamela Young, Unknown, Unknown (Peter Gilbert?), Brian Walsh, Bryan Flegg. Front: Adam Breman, Ian Gainey, Nev Gardner, Justin Hansen

John Dobson, Jay Fleming, and Ian Gainey

Stephen Barker, Brenda Hutchinson, and Justin Hansen

Adam Breman, Brenda Hutchinson, and John Dean

Bryan Flegg, Unknown, Brian Walsh

Peter Logan, Frank Biviano, Pamela Young

Anne Ziogos, John Dobson

Club Run, Sunday 24 March 2019 at the Tan

Rear: Bryan Flegg, Peter Seal, Pamela Young, Justin Hansen, David Foskey, Jay Fleming, Peter Gilbert, Frank Biviano, Andrew Mott. Kneeling: Rose Parente, John Dobson, Cathy Roberts. Absent from photo: Ken Miller.

Frank Biviano, Stephen Gilbert and Cathy Roberts chatting before the run.

Rose Parente, Pamela Young, Cathy Roberts

David Foskey, Bryan Flegg, Jay Fleming, Ken Miller, John Dobson

Club Run, Sunday 2 December 2018

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain at 3am did not augur well for a successful club run. However, the morning was clear, the sun appeared and 15 Spartans enjoyed a pleasant run followed by light refreshments at Jardin Tan.

Jay Fleming, Vilim Podreka, John Cunningham, Tony Martin, Andrew Mott, Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh, Len Hallett, Steven Lightowler, Candida Baskcomb, David Foskey.David and Candida are wearing the new Spartan buffs, however, this isn’t the recommended mode.

Jay Fleming, Bryan Flegg, Len Hallett, Vilim Podreka

Steve Lightowler, Jay Fleming, Nev Gardner

Andrew Mott, Candida Baskcomb

Brian Walsh, Steve Lightowler, Jay Fleming, Nev Gardner, Bryan Flegg, Len Hallett, Vilim Podreka, Candida Baskcomb

Bryan Flegg in the lead, Brian Walsh and John Adams in the group following, Peter Ryan and Frank Biviano at the rear.

Club Run, 5 August 2018

15 Spartans met at the Albert Park Carousel on a cold and windy day.

Peter Seal, Candida Baskcomb, Pamela Young, Brian Walsh, Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves, Andrew Mott, Jay Fleming, Nev Gardner, John Dean, Frank Biviano, Stephen Barker, Bryan Flegg, John Kaparelis, Ian Gainey         Missing: David Foskey (Photographer)
Small groups each ran a lap at widely varying speeds, afterwards meeting inside for refreshments.

Nev Gardner (front left), Stephen Barker, Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh

Pamela Young (partial), Candida Baskcomb, Peter Seal, Jay Fleming, Bruce Hargreaves, John Dean, John Kaparelis, Andrew Mott

Bruce Hargreaves, Ian Gainey, Frank Biviano, Stephen Barker

Pamela Young, Candida Baskcomb, Peter Seal, Jay Fleming

The collage above shows, at left, Nev Gardner and Bruce Hargreaves at today’s run, centre shows Bruce (far left) and Nev (far right) during the 1978 Marathon and at right we see the same two gentlemen at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.
We intend to set up a formal Club Run schedule for 2019 which will be published here and in Newsletters.

Club Run, 24 June 2018

Clear skies and no wind greeted us on a day ideal for running. Due to the failure of the organiser of the run to check the race calendar, we shared the Tan with the “Tan Ultra”. However, we were able to see several Spartans as they went past on one of their several laps. Candida Baskcomb (50k), Jane Sturzaker(42k), and John Kaparelis(42k) took enough of a break to join us in the photo below.

John Dean, Jay Fleming, John Kaparelis, Pamela Young, Candida Baskcomb, Steve Miller, Jane Sturzaker, Nev Gardner, Ken Miller. Missing from photo: David Foskey.

After our one or two laps, we shared an outside table at Jardin Tan where Felicity Doolan joined us for a chat and a coffee.

Club Run, 22 April 2018

A small group enjoyed a lap or two of the Tan, at widely varying paces, in beautiful autumn weather. Afterwards we gathered around an outside table of Jardin Tan for a chat and a coffee.

We will do it again in a month or so. Pamela has requested that more female Spartans attend!

Before setting off: Peter Seal, Brian Walsh, Dennis Nish, Bryan Flegg, Jay Fleming, Nev Gardner, Frank Biviano, Pamela Young, David Foskey, Tony Martin, Frank Pupic.

Ian Gainey missed being in this photo.

Standing: Frank Pupic, Brian Walsh, Pamela Young, Jay Fleming, Bryan Flegg, Dennis Nish, Peter Seal. Seated: Nev Gardner, David Foskey, Ian Gainey

Club Run, 23 July 2017

A select group of runners braved the inclement conditions for a run on the 23rd of July.

Bryan Flegg, John Dobson, John Dean, Jay Fleming, Ian Gainey, Frank Biviano, Francis Kaszmarek.
Bryan Flegg, John Dobson, John Dean, Ian Gainey, Francis Kaszmarek, Frank Biviano

Club run, 5 March 2017

We met outside the Observatory, Birdwood Avenue at 8am and ran/jogged/walked a lap or two of the Tan. Afterwards we had a coffee or orange juice at Jardin Tan.

Standing: John Kaparelis, Conor McNeice, Frank Biviano, Pamela Young, Nev Gardner, Vince Politino, Jane Sturzaker, Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves, Carlo Iovenitti, Brian Walsh, Justin Hansen. Kneeling: Jay Fleming, Candida Baskcomb, David Foskey. Missing from photo: Peter Ryan

Hall of Fame Social Run and Get Together, 5 July 2015

Our first club run for 2015 attracted 17 runners who did one or two laps around the Tan, then adjourned to the Jardin Tan eatery for refreshments. We were very glad that we had a few members attend who aren’t (yet?) in the Hall of Fame.

The date chosen coincided with the Gold Coast Marathon which ruled out a few potential starters. We will organise a similar run in the future.

David Foskey, Nev Gardner, Cath Bombardieri, Roger Weinstein, John Dobson, Peter Ryan, Dennis Nish, Justin Hansen, Mike Zervos, Jay Fleming, Ray Cilia, Brian Walsh, Frank Biviano, Bryan Flegg, Antony Martin, Felicity Doolan, Carli Iovenitti.

Before the Run

Peter Ryan, Mike Zervos, Felicity Doolan, Dennis Nish

Cath Bombardieri, Antony Martin, Bryan Flegg

Frank Biviano, Roger Weinstein

Ray Cilia, Jay Fleming, Felicity Doolan

Dennis Nish, Justin Hansen

Antony Martin, Felicity Doolan

Setting Off

Bryan Flegg, Justin Hansen, Mike Zervos, Peter Ryan, Jay Fleming, Cath Bombardieri, John Dobson, Ray Cilia

David Foskey, Carlo Iovenitti, Frank Biviano, Brian Walsh, Roger Weinstein, Dennis Nish

Nev Gardner, Antony Martin, David Foskey, Carlo Iovenitti, Brian Walsh, Frank Biviano, Roger Weinstein, Dennis Nish

End of a lap

Peter Ryan, David Foskey

Cath Bombardieri, Mike Zervos

Carlo Iovenitti, Brian Walsh

Neville Gardner

Bryan Flegg

Antony Martin

Eric, Frank Biviano

Bryan Flegg, Carlo Iovenitti, Brian Walsh – in Jardin Tan

Roger Weinstein, Dennis Nish

In Jardin Tan

John Dobson, Roger Weinstein, Peter Ryan

Dennis Nish, Justin Hansen, obscured, obscured, Bryan Flegg, Brian Walsh, Jay Fleming, Ray Cilia, Ken Bolitho

Brian Walsh, Nev Gardner and Jay Fleming.

Victorian Road Runners Runs

Join the Victorian Road Runners on the first Saturday of each month at the Tan, commencing at 7.30 am for a run of 4km or 8km (or more!). President Jay Fleming hopes to see you, in your Spartan singlet, for a lap.

The picture shows committee member John Kaparelis on the left and President Jay Fleming on the right.







Club Run, Sunday May 4

A few stalwarts turned up even though the weather was less than promising. True to expectation, there were periods of heavy rain during the run, but the sun came out by the end. There was always the prospect of a warm drink in the comfort of the Observatory Cafe – alas, closed for renovations! This meant that there was at least one Spartan on the Tan (running much faster than me) that I didn’t meet, so if you read this, please send an email and let me know who you are.

We will organise another run: we can’t guarantee the weather, but we do promise to check whether coffee will be available.

22nd March 2014 Club Run

We started a little after 8:00 am on the Tan, near the Observatory Cafe. We had ten members and broke up into a number of groups according to the desired speed of the runners. One group ran a single lap at a leisurely pace. This group included Nev Gardner who was knocked off his bike by a car on New Years Day. Other groups ran two or three laps at varying paces.

Jane Sturzaker, Frank Biviano, Nev Gardner, Maurice Gregory, Peter Ryan, David Foskey, Jay Fleming, Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves, John Dobson, John Kaparelis


Most of us adjourned to the Observatory Cafe for a snack and a chat to round off an enjoyable morning.

2013 Club Runs

Starting in May, the Sunday Run is back! They commenced May 5, continuing weekly until Sunday the 30th of June which was the last in the first series.

The May 19 run doubled as an opportunity to shoot some footage for a future documentary. Those who attended were treated to some marvellous weather and had an enjoyable day. We would like to thank the Carousel Cafe for reserving two tables for us on their busiest day of the year and making their deck available for filming.