The 2022 Annual General Meeting was held on the Monday the 12th of September in the AFL Dining Room at the MCG with around 200 members and their guests attending. Our speaker was Kevin Cassidy who delighted us with his stories of long distance running and especially swimming.

If you would like a higher resolution copy of a photograph, email [email protected] with the details.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Clarke Whitehand (S0160) spoke of the reasons behind his original suggestion that a Spartans Hall of Fame should be created to honour Spartans on completion of their 30th marathon. He introduced the six inductees. Eric Heine (S0872) and Lorraine Allen (SF0011) qualified in 2019. Jay Fleming (S1012), Ian Gainey (SW1), Greg Moore (S0914) and Ken Watt (S0844) all ran their 30th marathons in 2021. John Dean (S20) assisted with the presentations.

Clarke at the lectern

Lorraine Allen

Ian Gainey, the first wheelchair Spartan

Greg Moore

Jay Fleming

Ken Watt

Hall of Fame Group. Note that Eric Heine was unable to attend.

Fastest Spartans, 2021

David Alcock (S1313) was presented with the Jack Gubbins award by Pete Battrick (S5). David’s time was 2:41:55

Serena Zienau (SF114) won the Shirley Young award for her time of 3:54:47.
She was unable to accept the award because she was on holiday in Queensland, but did send this recent photograph. Serena is recuperating from substantial medical issues and is intent on finishing the 2022 marathon, then setting a faster time in 2023.

Incoming Spartans, Running their tenth in 2022

Presenter Kevin Cassidy is shown doing the presentations

Nicole Allen

Stuart Andrews

Mark Brilliant

Brad Buyck

Jackie Ginefra

Julian (Jules) Govan

Dale Irwin

Rodney Vella

Colin Lobb

Michael Luu

Harrison Manias

Russell Moore

Adam Needham

Tony Niemann

Sinesh Panamthanath Murali

Juan Claudio Ramirez

Mark Rossiter

Lucinda and Steven Scott

Trevor Smith

Graham Soltan

Michael Soutter

Mario Staffieri

Dale Woodbridge

Jackie Ginefra and Rodney Vella

All incoming Spartans

Spartans who have run their tenth.

Cameron Stamp S1389

Matthew Arms S1413

Hamish Blair S1423

Cameron Handley S1422

Paul Harman S1415

Catherine Hunter SF0150

Andrew McKenzie S1418

David Nanfra S1403

Chris O’Brien S1411

Matthew Sheehan S1404

Greg Watson S1420

Group of Ten Year Spartans who qualified in 2021 or earlier

Milestone 15 Year Spartans

John Goutzoulas S1247

David Martini S1171

Frank Palermo S1237

Yao Wang SF0101

Syd Bone S1119

Retrospective 15 Year Spartans

Brett Butler S1176

Len Hallett S1202

Dean Martin S1230

Anil Nayyar S6774

Peter Seal S1218

Simon Walker S1214

Pamela Young SF0093

All Spartans awarded 15 year singlets

20 Year Singlet

Hilton Kahlberg S0997

25 Year Singlets

Chris Grafen S1011

Michael Miriklis S1002

Andrew Morrison S1001

Milan Stanisic S933

Rod Bayley S612 (retrospective)

Patrick Herft (retrospective) S968

Maureen Wilson SF0034

All 25 year singlet recipients

30 Year Singlets

Trevor Marsh S751

Greg Payne S930

35 year singlet recipients

Andy Moore S276

Con Zanetidis S0607

40 year singlet recipient

Grayson Summers (retrospective) S290

Photos from the Evening

Jay Fleming is at the lectern. Due to the unavailability of key committee members, Jay carried an enormous responsibility for the smooth running of the evening, from set-up, through running the meeting, to packing up. Rod Bayley, our Treasurer, is standing at Jay’s left. Not only does Rod look after the books, he and his wife Helen (aka the Singlet Queen) manage the large number of singlets required. They ensure that singlets of correct sizes are available, and this requires some tricky forecasting because lead times for delivery are not short. All singlets are named to make the presentations run smoothly. Anne Ziogos and Vicky Chung, our co-secretaries are seated at the table.

Felicity Doolan is the Membership Secretary. She is responsible for obtaining and recording the details of new members. We verify all runs claimed, and enter them into our database. Existing members who are qualifying for a milestone singlet are also checked. She also must liaise with Rod and Helen Bayley to ensure that singlets are available in correct sizes and colours.

The days leading to the presentation are busy as she finalises the lists of singlet recipients.

She also handles the RSVPs. Correct names and numbers are required by the MCG, who expect that the total number of Spartans and their guests will be available seven days before the event.

Kai Ooi is processing a merchandise sale to Spartan John Manias (S646) and incoming Spartan Harrison Manias.

Kai has been instrumental in bringing many of the Spartans’ financial transactions online and developed the QR codes used at the AGM.

John Dobson is amused by David Foskey’s attempts to get a slideshow of images showing on the big screens of the AFL Dining Room.

John was later very busy during the singlet presentations.

Paul Basile wasn’t captured in any photographs because he spent his evening behind a camera.

David Martini (S1171) In a jacket with the Spartan logo embroidery.

A view of the room showing the large audience.
We now have a Melbourne based supplier of embroidered Spartan jackets and vests. You can also, Like David Martini at left, supply your own jacket.

This wonderful photo of the MCG at night was taken by Mike Zervos.