Spartan Stories in Newsletters

It is easy to find references to individual Spartans on the website by using the search box at the right hand side top of each page – see example shown in image at right. However, this searches the website, but does not find references in our many newsletters.

The names on this page page link to the newsletter edition where they have written an article or been the subject of one. You will have to scan through the newsletter to find the article.

Lorraine Allen
John Anderson
Bob Ansett
Matthew Arms
Paul Ban
Candida Baskcomb, Candida Baskcomb 2
Tony Berry, Tony Berry 2
Hamish Blair
Claire Bowker
Kevin Browne
Sally Buchanan
Paul Burke
Gordon Burrowes
Anne Callaghan
Matt Callaghan
Ian Campbell
David Cannings
Kevin Cassidy
Darren Chester
Hugh Creamer
Daniel Cudmore
Rolet de Castella
Lorraine Devonport
John Dobson , John Dobson 2, John Dobson 3, John Dobson 4
Brian Dobyn
Euan Downing
Alan Farley
Jay Fleming
Rob Follett
David Foskey
David Galea
Ian Gainey, Ian Gainey 2
Vern Gerlach
Jackie Ginefra
Brian Glover
, Brian Glover 2
Phill Grant
Harold Gray
Jim Grelis
Jack Gubbins
Bruce Hargreaves , Bruce Hargreaves 2, Bruce Hargreaves 3
Robert Hendy
Brenda Hutchinson
Kirsten Jackson
Francis Kaszmarek
Manny Karageorgiou
Rohan King
Harrison Manias
Antony “Tony” Martin
David Martini
Peter Moore, Peter Moore 2
Kevin Moses
Tim/Trevor Nolan
Wade Noonan
Dave Obelkevich
Doug Orr
Ashley Page
Rick Patzold
Ted Paulin
Lavinia Petrie
Godfrey Pollard
Ian Prestegar
Cathy Roberts
Andrew Ross
Peter Ryan
Andrew Selby
David Staehr
Colleen Stephens
Kim Steven
Jane Sturzaker, Jane Sturzaker 2
Wayne Thompson
Karin Thorburn
Nick Toovey
Phil Urquhart
Rodney Vella
John Veltman
Roger Weinstein
Maureen Wilson, Maureen Wilson 2
Westly Windsor
Susan Winterbottom
Jim Yatomi-Clarke
Pamela Young, Pamela Young 2,Pamela Young 3, Pamela Young 4
Shirley Young
John Zeleznikow
Mike Zervos
Anne Ziogos, Anne Ziogos 2