The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on the Monday the 28th of September with a record number of members present. Rob de Castella was an inspirational speaker, devoting some time to his own illustrious career, but also giving a lot of time to the Indigenous Marathon Foundation.

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Ten Year Spartans

Tristan Andrews

Donald Bailey

Brian Bateman

David Blom

Roger Boyd

Matt Callaghan

Greg Clifford

Derek Couper

Oliver Cronin

Helen Ferrucci-Nobile

Bernard Goh

Steven Goossens

Tristan Miller

Way back in 2013 Tristan was a very fine guest speaker and presenter!

Andrew Mott

Grant Padula

Peter Papakonstantinou

Elizabeth Rankin

Grant Scurry

Paul Whenman

The picture below shows the 10 year Spartans with Rob de Castella at left.


Fifteen Year Spartans

Kuniko Bowden

Simon Byth

Michael Dale

George Dyer

Chester Lennon

Tim Fearn-Wannan

Adam Marshall

Alan Meager

Robert Virgona

15 Year Spartans

30 Year Spartans

John Kaparelis

Andrew Moore

Brett Thiele

30 Year Spartans

35 Year Spartan

Carlo Iovenitti

40 Year Spartans

Frank Biviano

John Dobson

David Foskey

Bruce Hargreaves

Wayne Thompson

Roger Weinstein

Robert de Castella, Bruce Hargreaves, Wayne Thompson, John Dobson, David Foskey, Frank Biviano, Roger Weinstein, Brian Dixon.
Manny Karageorgiou was unable to attend.
Brian Dixon, as Minister for Youth, Sport and Recreation, was greatly responsible for the birth of the Melbourne Marathon in 1978. He is Spartan S100.

Spartan Award

The Spartan Award, introduced in 2005, acknowledges an individual’s commitment, dedication, contributions and determination to continue with their marathon running despite personal difficulties that may be experienced along the way. The award recognises and acknowledges the personal difficulties that we are at times faced with and the effort and courage it often takes to continue with the love of running.
Manny Karageorgiou is the recipient of this award in 2017. He was unable to accept in person so the award was accepted by his son Pana.

John Dean and Pana Karageorgiou

Hall of Fame Spartan

Immediate Past President John Dean making the presentation to Stephen Barker.

John Dean and Stephen Barker.


Rod Bayley, New Life Member

Treasurer Rod Bayley (aka Bryan Ferry) was presented with Life Membership by Immediate Past President John Dean. The membership was bestowed because of Rod’s service as Treasurer, singlet organiser (in partnership with his wife Helen, aka The Singlet Queen), and hard working committee member.

Fastest Spartans, 2016

Ron Young presented Michelle Tham with the “Shirley Young Award” for the fastest female Spartan in 2016. The award is named for Ron’s late wife Shirley who was the only female amongst the Legends.

Pete Battrick presented Rob Follett with the “Jack Gubbins Award” for the fastest male Spartan. The award is named for Legend Jack Gubbins who passed away earlier in the year.

Michelle Tham, Rob de Castella, and Rob Follett.

Teganuma Half Marathon, 2016

Maureen Wilson and Christine Hodges spoke of their participation in the 2016 Teganuma half Marathon. Their photographs showed the race, the food they sampled and an introduction to Japanese culture.

Maureen and Christine before the race.

Maureen and Christine at the lectern.

Enjoying some local hospitality.

President’s Report

President Jay Fleming gave a summary of the year’s activities and ensured that the night ran smoothly.

Introducing our magnificent guest speaker, Rob de Castella.

A light hearted moment. Perhaps reflecting on Collingwood’s premiership prospects in the next ten years.

Memorabilia and Merchandise Sales

Dean Callow, Ian Gainey and Francis Kasmarek having a chat beside some of the memorabilia on display.

John Kaparelis behind the counter.

Rod and Helen Bayley joining Cath and John.

Committee Members, Past and Present

Cath Bombardieri – priceless, don’t believe the sign! Cath left the committee this year after six years of sterling service.

Anne Ziogos, and Felicity Doolan (current co-secretaries), Maureen Wilson (past Secretary) and Christine Hodges (past Treasurer). Maureen and Christine are both Life Members.

Ashley Page has retired after a second period on the committee. Over the last few years he managed the task of the creation of the Club’s Governing Rules and oversaw their lodgement.

Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon, as Minister for Youth, Sport and Recreation, was greatly responsible for the birth of the Melbourne Marathon in 1978. He is Spartan S100, having completed 11 Melbournes between 1979 and 1991.

Carmel and Brian Dixon.

Brian Dixon and Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves.

Brian Dixon chatting with Rob de Castella before the AGM.


Andrew Mott, Frankie Palermo and Michael Dale.

Chris Muirden explaining course changes caused by underground railway works. Chris is also the author of “The Wall”.

Apologies for photo quality.

Ron Young and Antony Martin.