2023-2024 Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Committee

The committee meets regularly during the year with the majority of the eight or nine meetings in the July to November range. The committee members listed below were elected at the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Contact the committee by email: [email protected]

We said farewell to Anne Ziogos and John Kaparelis who have resigned after having each given years of service to the club.

This page has a full list of committee members since 1989. Many thanks to John Dean for compiling the list.

Here are links to our Constitution (Governing Rules) and our By laws

Members of the Committee 2023-2024


Jay Fleming is beginning his thirteenth year as president.

Jay is passionate about running, about the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club and is a continual source of ideas. He is committed to making membership of the club increasingly desirable and pleasurable. He loves new ideas, so if you have a suggestion, Jay can be contacted at 0418 374 783.

Vice President

Paul Basile is vice president and a life member.

He is a backup to the president when Jay is unavailable.

In recent years Paul has organised the Spartans tent at the Melbourne Marathon Expo in the days before the marathon. He has also managed the Spartans tent at the finish and is responsible for much of the back room work for the AGM.

Committee Member

John Dobson.

John is a former vice-president and treasurer. He is also a Life Member and Melbourne Marathon Spartan Legend. He recently rejoined the committee after a year away, and we are glad to hear his wise words again.


Rod Bayley.

Responsible for the finances of the club. Has been doing a lot of work recently optimising our stocks of current singlets, and helping sell our older singlets. He was awarded Life Membership at the 2017 AGM.


Membership Secretary

Felicity Doolan joined the committee early in 2014 and took on the role of secretary after earning her ten year singlet in 2013. She does invaluable work administering incoming Spartans and those moving between singlet colours. Felicity is the first point of contact for anyone who emails [email protected]


Pamela Young says she has found her ‘tribe’ in the Spartan community. As a person who prefers not to drive and does not own a car, her legs are her transportation, During the day, Pamela is Executive Assistant to the Principal of an Independent Girls’ School. She is proud of her 17 Melbourne Marathons, her carbon footprint, and her daughter, not necessarily in that order.

Committee Member

In May 2018 Vicky Chung approached the Spartan Committee and offered her help. Whilst having only completed eight Melbourne Marathons at that time her offer of assistance was accepted. She was elected to the committee at the 2019 AGM and has been sharing secretarial duties.

Committee Member

Kai Ooi was elected at the 2020 Annual General Meeting. He is working very effectively to bring the Spartans ordering and merchandise systems on-line.

Committee Member

Candida Baskcomb is proud to be a member of the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club and now as of 2023 – on its committee. You’ll find her out on training runs and running many other local and overseas events always donning the Spartan club branded shirts because she says she actually runs faster wearing them. As an art on paper restorer by trade for 37 years Candida offsets her rather static working day weight training at the gym or running most mornings – making her first client of the day … herself!


David is the webmaster: contact him. He loves to post new articles of interest, either for the website or the newsletter so send in your story.

Committee Member

John Zeleznikow was elected at the 2020 Annual General Meeting and has been bringing his wealth of experience to committee discussions.

Committee Member

Peter Seal

Elected at the 2023 Annual General Meeting

Committee Member

Please contact us if you wish to be involved in administration of the club. You don’t have to have super powers to be eligible.

If you’d like to contribute to your club, please contact Jay Fleming or any member of the committee: [email protected]

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Mystery Committee Member

Which committee member has recently shown his dedication in a permanent way?


Early Committee Members

Peter Ryan has sent us the newspaper report shown below. Judging from Ken Matchett’s age, this would have been in 1991. The picture shows a gathering of illustrious Spartans: Peter Ryan was to very soon follow Ken as President, John Raskas was the first secretary of the Spartans and remained in the position for ten years, Peter Battrick was the treasurer for the first eleven years, Shirley Young was a committee member for eight years, Cam Milne was a committee member for nine years. All except Cam Milne became life members of the club. See here (thanks John Dean) for a full list of committee members since 1988.

Ken Matchett