2017-2018 Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club Committee

The committee meets regularly during the year with the majority of the eight or nine meetings in the July to November range. The committee members listed below were all members in the 2017-2018 year.

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This page has a full list of committee members since 1988. Thanks to John Dean for compiling the list.


Jay Fleming is in his sixth year as president.

Jay is passionate about running, about the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club and is a continual source of ideas. He is committed to making membership of the club increasingly desirable and pleasurable. He loves new ideas, so if you have a suggestion, Jay can be contacted at 0418 374 783.

Vice President

Paul Basile is vice president and a life member.

He is a backup to the president when Jay is unavailable.

In recent years Paul has organised the Spartans tent at the Melbourne Marathon Expo in the days before the marathon. He has also managed the Spartans tent at the finish and is responsible for much of the back room work for the AGM.

Committee Member

John Dobson.

John is a former vice-president, Life Member and Melbourne Marathon Spartan Legend. He recently rejoined the committee after a year away, and we are glad to hear his wise words again.


Rod Bayley.

Responsible for the finances of the club. Has been doing a lot of work recently optimising our stocks of current singlets, and helping sell our older singlets. He was awarded Life Membership at the 2017 AGM

Immediate Past President

John Dean was president for several years.

John is trying, not altogether successfully, to reduce his involvement with day to day activities but has immense experience of the running of club. He can always be relied upon to produce a list of actions needed, from organisation of chairs for the AGM to arranging provision of tent at the marathon finish. He also has a seemingly never ending supply of club memorabilia.

Committee Member

John Kaparelis

John is a 25 year Spartan in his fourth term on the committee. He brings valuable business experience, and considerable energy, with him. We are already beginning to profit from his considerable energy.


Felicity Doolan joined the committee early in 2014 and has taken on the role of secretary after earning her ten year singlet in 2013. She has rapidly taken over the various tasks involved with the administration of the club.

Committee Member

Colin Silcock-Delaney has been a member of the committee for several years.

He lives in the country and can’t always attend committee meetings. However, he always ensures that he is available to help at the AGM, and was a constant presence at our Expo tent and managed the tent at the finish from early in the morning to the end of the day.

Committee Member

Anne Ziogos joined the committee in 2017. She will be sharing secretarial tasks with Felicity Doolan


David is the webmaster: contact him. He loves to post new articles of interest, so send in your story.

Committee Member

Please contact us if you’d like to be involved with administration of the club. You don’t have to have supernatural powers to be eligible.

If you’d like to contribute to your club, please contact Jay Fleming or any member of the committee:

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Mystery Committee Member

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