Victorian Road Runners Tan Runs

The Victorian Road Runners (VRR) hold a 4 and 8 kilometre time trial at 7:30 am on the first Saturday of every month. Many VRR members are Spartans, and president Jay Fleming has been encouraging our members to wear their singlets on these runs. For those Spartans who don’t know, these runs are well organised, occur on a measured course and have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Non VRR members are asked to make a gold coin donation – see the links for full details.

The photographs shown below have been gathered due to the efforts of Jane Sturzaker and Helen Myall who was the photographer.

6 May 2017 Time Trial

Jane Sturzaker, Brian Walsh, Frank Biviano, Judy Wines, David Foskey, Jay Fleming, Peter Black, Terry O’Neill, Karyn O’Neill, Pete Battrick, Merle Want

Geoff Wheeler and Brian Walsh

Frank Biviano and David Foskey

Peter Field and Patrick Herft

Merle Want, Judy Wines, Patrick Herft and Jane Sturzaker

Mike Zervos

Bernie Goggin

Karyn O’Neill and Terry O’Neill

David Foskey and Pete Battrick.

Sorry, we didn’t get this Spartan’s name. If this is you, or you know who it is, please let us know.

Jane Sturzaker, Geoff Wheeler, Bernie Goggin, John Cunningham (partially hidden), Stephen Barker (partially hidden), Merle Want, Mike Zervos, Peter Nichol (partially hidden), Patrick Herft, Paul Ban, Ken Miller, Brian Walsh, Chris Graffen

1 April 2017 Time Trial

John Cunningham, Syd Bone, Phil Urquhart, Jane Sturzaker, Patrick Herft, Judy Wines, Steven Barker, Merle Want, Michael Miriklis, Paul Ban, Bruce Ohlenrott.

James Yatomi-Clarke, Syd Bone, Judy Wines, Stephen Barker, Jay Fleming, Jane Sturzaker, Phil Urquhart, Merle Want, Peter Black, Karyn O’Neill