Melbourne Marathon Results Books

There were printed result books from the first Melbourne Marathon in 1978 until 2012. From 2013, eBooks in PDF format have been provided.

Bruce Hargreaves and David Foskey decided that the printed books should be scanned and made available in PDF format on this website. This task involved a lot of books, and a lot of pages. We have scanned most pages in all result books. We did not scan the results pages nor many of the full page advertisements. We have also largely ignored half-marathon and shorter events held on the day. The PDFs are large files, 1981, for instance, is approximately 70 megabytes.

The 2023 results PDF is now available.

Anyone interested in the detailed results can access the website. An example url for the first page of the year 2002 results is Substitute the required year for 2002 in the example to see the first page for the year sought.

Books Scanned


2012 was the last year that printed books were created. Instead, links to PDFs were sent to all contestants. We have saved these PDFs to our website and the links are below.

2016 – no book

2020 – no marathon

Other PDFs available on the website are listed here.