2016 Annual General Meeting

Here are photographs from the AGM. If you’d like a full size copy of any of the images, please email image details (eg IMG_1234.JPG) to [email protected].

Our guest speaker, Tom Denniss, features in most photographs but isn’t named. He was an enthralling speaker, and his book isn’t bad either.

10 Year Group. Tom Denniss is second from the right.

10 Year Spartans

Candida Baskcomb
Anthony Boulton
John Goutzoulas

Matt Griffiths
Rodney Gunn
Rosa Law

Dean Martin
Brian Horne
Gregory Morrell

Joseph O’Gorman
Frank Palermo
Graeme Pickering

Vince Politino
John Tsiolkas
Yao Wang

15 Year Spartans

Cath Bombardieri
Paul De Stefanis
Brenton Harty

Jon Holmes

20 Year Spartans

Kevin Barry
Chris Grafen
Michael Miriklis

Andrew Morrison
Doug Wheeler

25 Year Spartans

Francis Kaszmarek
Trevor Marsh
Greg Payne

John Zeleznikow

30 Year Spartan, Stephen Barker
Fastest male Spartan 2015, Rob Follett receiving the “Jack Gubbins Award” trophy from Jack.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Hugh Creamer
Russell Harris
Con Zanetidis

Honorary Spartans

Tate Kemp and Brenton Ponza. Follow the links to learn more about Brenton and Tate.
Brenton and Tate with their singlets

Group Photos

20 Year Group
15 Year Group

Hall of Fame Inductees
25 Year Group

Spartans Committee

Committee. Standing: Colin Silcock-Delaney, Ashley Page, Rod Bayley (treasurer), Paul Basile (Vice President), John Dean (Past President), Tom Denniss (Guest Speaker), Jay Fleming (President), David Foskey, John Kaparelis. Front: Cath Bombardieri, Felicity Doolan (Outgoing Secretary). Inset: John Dobson.
Spartan Ray Cilia lost many of his medals, so John Dean replaced the lost medals and created this display for Ray.
One of the new banners which will be on display at the expo, and at the Spartan tent for the marathon.
Our supper – it didn’t last long!

Guest speaker Tom Denniss chatting with Dean Callow.
Tom running past Niagara Falls. He is the lone figure in the centre of the image