These videos are extracted from the television broadcast of the 2007 Melbourne Marathon. The videos are not long, but are large files and might take some time to load for those with a slow internet connection.

Before the Running of the Marathon

Interviews with with John Dean, Peter Ryan, Jane Sturzaker, Jack Gubbins, Shirley Young, and Bruce Hargreaves.

At the Finish 2007

Interviews with Antony Martin, John Dobson, Bruce Hargreaves, and John Dean. Quite a few other Spartans are shown finishing.

Jack Gubbins Finishing

Jack Gubbins interviewed at the completion of his 30th and last Melbourne Marathon. A magnificent man.

More about Jack here.

Shirley Young Finishing

This shows how difficult the finish was for the 77 year old Shirley Young. An insight into the determination that enabled Shirley to have such a wonderful career. Pete Battrick (S0005) and Denise Jordan (756) helped Shirley a great deal through the run.

See here for more about Shirley.