The 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on the Monday the 1st of October with a record number of members present. Our speaker was Sonia O’Sullivan: Cross Country World champion, four time Olympian and silver medalist, former holder of the 2000m world record are just some of her achievements. Sonia took us through her career sharing her triumphs and some disappointments. She recounted her history of running her seven marathons as well giving insights into her training.

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This is definitely a first: Sonia has written an article prompted by the AGM!

Life Member Awards

Sonia O’Sullivan presenting Jay Fleming with his Life Member certificate.

Sonia O’Sullivan presenting David Foskey with his Life Member certificate.

Jay Fleming, Sonia O’Sullivan and David Foskey

Hall of Fame Inductees

John Kaparelis

Andy Moore

Peter Moore

Brett Thiele

Jim Yatomi-Clarke

Honorary Spartan, Tyler Parfuss

David Foskey presenting a Spartan cap to Tyler Parfuss

David and Tyler. (see here for more on Tyler.)

2017 Fastest Spartans

Kirsten Jackson (3:10:57) being presented with the “Shirley Young” Award by Ron Young and Christine Weatherly.

Andrew Selby (2:44:20) being presented with the “Jack Gubbins” Award by Peter Battrick

10 Year Spartans

Adrian Achuthan

David Alcock

Simon Crivelli

Luke Crozier
Laurence Dalton
Paul Delaney

Mark Falkingham
Stephen Gilbert
Shaun Hall

Anthony Hally
Lesley Hanson
Brenda Hutchinson

Pui-Shan Jones
Andrew Joosen
Manny Kalamistrakis

Ryan Kervin
Vanya Krstonosic
Kevin Mannix

Tim Nolan
Rose Parente
Anita Raspovic

Heidi Reiter
Cathy Roberts
Julian Sack

Joshua Sher
John Signorini
Eric Simms

Keren Tindley
Nick Tsebelis
Sarah Wals

Rick Watkins
Ben Weinert
Shaun Wilson

Ben Woods

David Zhou

Males, Group Photo 1
Males, Group Photo 2
Females, Group Photo

15 Year Spartans

Mark Alexander

Robyn Fletcher
Rob Follett

Jim Parsons
15 Year Group

20 Year Spartan

Vilim Podreka

25 Year Spartan

Peter Smith

30 Year Spartans

Andy Moore
Peter Moore
Peter Moore, Sonia O’Sullivan, Andy Moore

35 Year Spartan

Steven Lightowler

40 Year Spartans

Ian Campbell
Bryan Flegg
Nev Gardner

Chas Harcoan
Dennis Nish

Chas Harcoan, Sonia O’Sullivan, Dennis Nish, Ian Campbell, Bryan Flegg, Nev Gardner


A view of some of the approximately 250 attendees before the meeting had started

Another view showing memorabilia on display and merchandise

Spartans President Jay Fleming
Committee member Matt Callaghan with Vicky Chung

Legends Roger Weinstein, Wayne Thompson, John Dobson, Sonia O’Sullivan, David Foskey. Frank Biviano and Bruce Hargreaves could not attend.
Many of the club’s photographs have been collated into display books. Thanks to John Dean for the work and IMG for a donation.

Before members started arriving.