The new running shirt is made from ultra-lightweight, unique moisture-wicking material (Drylyte), ensuring comfort and moisture management. Not only does Sub4 use the most modern lightweight materials, but they also partner with other Melbourne running clubs, and we love that we can all promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with being a runner.

Available shirts (all shirts come in either men’s cut or women’s cut):
– Club shirt (green shirt with a club logo on the left breast and sleeves – same colour as current singlet)
– 10-year milestone shirt (green) as worn by Helen van der Nagel at left
– 15-year milestone shirt (cyan blue)
– 20-year milestone shirt (red)
– 25-year milestone shirt (black)
– 30-year “hall of fame” milestone shirt (green/white)
All milestone shirts are in the same colour as the current milestone singlets.

Please note you will only be able to order the shirt that you have qualified for.

Prices of T-shirts:
Men’s short sleeve, 10 year and club $55
Men’s short sleeve, any other design $60
Men’s long sleeve, 10 year and club $60
Men’s short sleeve, any other design $65
Women’s short sleeve, any design $60
Women’s long sleeve, any design $65
Postage $10

We are not able to hold stock, so the shirts can only be ordered and are normally sent by post. However, Kai can meet you at a Club Run and save $10 in postage. It will take approximately 4 – 5 weeks to receive new shirts following the order. Please choose your size requirements carefully (a size guide is provided at the bottom of this page), as, regrettably, we are unable to swap sizes.

How to order your brand-new Spartan Running Shirts

If you want to proudly wear your Melbourne Marathon Spartan colours on your everyday training runs, not just on race day, please email Kai Ooi (committee member) at [email protected] (subject: Spartan Shirt) with:
– Your name,
– Shirt type (i.e. women’s club shirt, men’s 10-year etc)
– Shirt size (use the size charts at the bottom of the page)
– Quantity (these are excellent quality shirts, which we know you will love, so you may want more than one),
– Contact phone number
– Postal address.
Kai will collate orders and will respond to you personally to arrange the order, payment and posting.

Club Shirt

10 Year Milestone Shirt

15 Year Milestone Shirt

20 Year Milestone Shirt

25 Year Milestone Shirt

30 Year “Hall of Fame” Shirt

10 Year Shirt



T-Shirt Models: Candida Baskcomb SF0106, Mandy Skipper SF0066, Vilim Podreka S1052, Jay Fleming S1012, Lorraine Allen SF0011, Anthony Egan S1158

Size Guide

Female Size Guide