Paying your Membership – The membership year is July 1 to June 30. Membership is $20.

  • Either
  • Cheque payable to Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club.
  • Post to PO Box 162, Rosanna VIC 3084
  • (with your name and/or Spartan number as reference please).
  • Or
  • EFT to Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club.
  • BSB: 633-000, Account: 13920 1743
  • (with your name and/or Spartan number as reference please).

Membership for 2021-2022 is now being accepted

2021-2022 Financial Members

Spartans who are financial for the year beginning 1 July 2021, ending 30 June 2022, are listed below. 68 members are currently financial at 26/07/2021.

Note that entries without Spartan numbers are normally incoming Spartans. Some of these these memberships have been rolled over from 2020-2021.

Adams, David,
Ashton, Peter, S0167
Augello, Angelo,
Bailey, Grace,
Baskcomb, Candida, SF0106
Bayley, Rod, S0612
Black, Laurie, S0172
Blood, Courtney,
Byth, Simon, S1093
Callaghan, Matt, S1269
Campbell, Stephen, S1379
Carter, Ken, S0871
Chung, Vicky, SF0133
Cilia, Ray, S0377
Creamer, Hugh, S0180
Criddle, Gavin, S0973
Croton, Darren,
Dafnias, Steve, S1211
Davis, Jim, S1056
Doolan, Felicity, SF0080
Dyer, George, S1140
Eenjes, Sally,
Enomoto, Goji,
Erasmus, Peter,
Falkingham, Mark, S1334
Fantozzi, Ruth, SF0104
Flegg, Bryan, S0115
Fleming, Jay, S1012
Foskey, David, S0025
Galati, Lorenzo, S1184
Gray, Kevin, S1058
Green, Philip, S1080
Hallett, Len, S1202
Hanson, Lesley, SF0122
Harcoan, Charles, S0120
Harman, Paul,
Hempel, Stephen, S1183
Hunt, Greg,
Hunter, Catherine,
Hutchinson, Brenda, SF0121
Hyland, Geoff, S0467
Jansse, Danielle,
Jardine, Andrew, S1345
Jessup, Jeff, S0704
Jones, Pui-Shan, SF0124
Jortikka, Kari, S0924
Kaparelis, John, S0749
Kofman, Paul, S1034
Leggett, Ron, S0821
Lindsay, John, S0986
Logan, Peter, S0269
Maddern, David, S1362
Mast, Jarrod, S1360
McKenzie, Andrew,
Mestdagh, Oliver,
Mott, Andrew, S1278
Nanfra, David,
O’Brien, Chris,
O’Connor, Meelyn, SF0059
Padula, Grant, S1277
Paton, Tom,
Patterson, Stuart, S1310
Patzold, Rick,
Pressnell, Brett,
Rankin, Elizabeth, SF0115
Raspovic, Anita, SF0123
Roberts, Mark,
Royce, Nigel, S0495
Sheehan, Matthew,
Short, Neil,
Skinner, Stewart, S1087
Smith, Bernard, S0939
Smith, Peter, S0717
Smith, Rachel, SF0140
Smythe, David,
Stamp, Cameron, S1389
Stevens, Tony, S1161
Sturzaker, Jane, SF0052
Summers, Grayson, S0290
Telford, Julie, SF0135
Tewari, Anubhav,
Thomas, Barry, S1130
Thomas, Lance, S0955
Ubl, Vac, S0157
Venables, Bruce, S1242
Virgona, Robert, S1120
Want, Merle, SF0099
Wheeldon, Peter, S1244
White, Colleen,
Whitehand, Clarke, S0160
Whitworth, Alexander, S0882
Williams, Roland, S1215
Zgainski, Edward, S0517
Zylstra, Justin,


Life Members

Basile, Paul
Battrick, Peter
Bayley, Rod
Dean, John
Dobson, John
Feldman, Peter
Fleming, Jay
Foskey, David
Fredrickson, Jack
Hodges, Christine
Matchett, Ken
McNeice, Conor
Raskas, John
Ryan, Peter
Silcock-Delaney, Colin
Wilson, Maureen
Young, Ron
Young, Shirley