Some of our members have shown their pride in being Spartans by wearing tattoos: shoulders, backs, feet, calves, lower leg or inside their wrist. We have photographed examples at club runs, and asked members to supply their own pictures with the results below.

Three members of the Nunn family have Tattoos: Jill is Spartan SF0056 and has run 20 Melbournes, Brendan (S1069) has run 11 MMs and daughter Cyndi (SF0081) has run 13 MMs. Cyndi also has the distinction, at age 27, of being the youngest female to achieve Spartan status. As is obvious above, each has obtained a tattoo to honour their Spartan membership. They were also kind enough to arrange for the taking of the photo.

Pictured at right, our most recent tattoos gallery entry.

Trevor Smith (S1453) achieved Spartan status in 2022. He completed the Comrades ultra three times and has also invested in Comrades artwork (far right).

There are almost certainly other examples in our membership, so send them in to [email protected], please!

Bruce Hargreaves (S39) was one of the earliest Spartans to get a tattoo. Digger ran the first 43 MMs and is hopeful of adding to his tally in 2023.
John Dobson (S21) has run all 44 MMs to date, and as can be seen from the photo, obtained his tattoo in 1997 after his 20th MM.. Dobbo intends to run his 45th in 2023.
Rod Bayley, Spartans Treasurer, proudly showed fellow Committee members his new tattoo a few years ago. Rod completed 25 MMs but has now dropped back to shorter distances. He has recently added a Parkrun tattoo on his left ankle so says he is well balanced.

Paul Delaney brought his tattoo to a club run in 2022. Paul has run 10 MMs.
Lesley Hanson completed her tenth MM in 2018, with a best time of 3:30:42 in 2011.

Candida Baskcomb has run 14 MMs and plans to bring up 15 in 2023. She was able to share the progress of her tattoo with fellow Club Run participants in March and April 2023.

Tony Niemann has shared this photograph presumably taken just after completion of the tattoo. (Car stickers are only $2!)

Michael Soutter (S1457) and Tony Niemann (S1458) are pictured standing together displaying their tattoos. Michael and Tony both ran their tenth MM in 2022.

Tim Nolan is planning to run his 13th MM in 2023. Tim shared his story on page 8 of the August 2018 newsletter.
Above, Pamela Young’s tattoo of her Spartan Number.