Burnley Runners History

Vin Martin (S0478) has written a Burnley Runners History covering the period from 1980 to the present. Vin says “An extraordinary number of Burnley Runners became Melbourne Marathon Spartans by completing 10 or more Melbourne Marathons.”

Regular Burnley Runners who finished 10 Melbourne Marathons: Paul Ban, Kim Bowring, Felicity Doolan, Jenny Eason, Mike Eveston, Dan Gearon, Phil Lanigan, William Loads, Heather McBride, Sue Nevins, Elias Sahely, Jack Salter, Paul Shekleton, Meta Vincent, Alan Wallace.

Regular Burnley Runners who finished 20 Melbourne Marathons: Pam Jonas, Vin Martin, John Morris, Jack Salter, Westly Windsor

Other runners at Burnley who finished 10 or more Melbourne Marathons: Ian Andrew, Julie Babarczy, Rod Bayley, Jim Grelis, Phil Lanigan, Lyn Nugent, Kai Ooi, Gordon Stephen, Jane Sturzaker

Other PDFs available on the website are listed here.