The photo above shows John Kaparelis and Colin Silcock-Delaney in the Spartans tent waiting to meet Spartans and other runners at the Expo.
Melissa and Cindy Rella from Runners Kitchen added something a little different to our Expo Tent.

Our Expo tent, set up and waiting for the crowds.
Sensory Living provided us with samples of their Waiwera Water.

After the Marathon

The photo of the after marathon tent shows Colin Silcock-Delaney with daughter Colleen (Jack Fredrickson is in the background).

Georgia Iliadis ran her tenth Melbourne Marathon, the first in her Spartan singlet.

Daughter Mary ran her first, making a very special day.

Vice-President Paul Basile shown with John Kaparelis.

Paul didn’t run this year but did an enormous amount of work organising and setting up both the expo and the finishing tent.


Margaret with John Kaparelis
John, it’s obvious that you weren’t enjoying Catina’s massage, but you could have pretended.
Cath Bombardieri, Lisa Wright and John Kaparelis in one of Lisa’s rare breaks.


Ian Campbell, Charles Harcoan, Ray Cilia, John Kaparelis and Felicity Doolan
John Kaparelis and Jay Fleming
John Kaparelis, Francis Kaszmarek and David Foskey

John Kaparelis and John Dobson.
John Kaparelis, Nev Gardner and David Foskey
Rod Bayley.

Graeme Lay and Ted Zgainski.
A view of the tent, Ian Campbell at rear facing camera.
Bob Fickel.

Book Signing at the Expo

Signing for Cindy Rella (Leask)
Nicole Howe and Julian Horbury ran the marathon together, no doubt inspired by Chris Muirden’s book.
Signed page, Frank Biviano on the left, David Foskey on the right.