John Dobson – Life Member

John “Dobbo” Dobson joined the committee in 1995, and has served ever since in a number of roles. He was Treasurer for seven years from 1999 and also was Vice-President at one stage. He was presented with Life Membership at the 2007 Annual General Meeting in recognition of his service.

John Dobson – Spartan Legend

John is one of the five Spartan Legends who have finished all 43 Melbourne Marathons, 1978 to 2021. His fastest time of 3:02:49 was set in 1987 when he was 36. More than one of his finishes has been despite serious injury, and he has also, at times, sacrificed his own performance to be a pacer. As a bricklayer, John hurt his back a few weeks before the event one year, and seriously doubted his ability to finish but managed to finish in his slowest time. In 2007 (the 30th year) he hurt his hamstring some weeks prior and carefully managed it in the period before the marathon. However, while going to the start line, it went again. He started anyway, adrenaline took over and his finish time of 3:51 was faster than for the previous two years.

John Dobson – Melbourne Marathon Publicity 2021

Dobbo wearing one of his trademark bandanas at the MCG.
John Dobson was asked to participate in a number of publicity spots on News programs prior to the 2021 Marathon.

This story on John “Dobbo” Dobson, was the highlight of Peter Hitchener reading the Channel 9 Melbourne News on Wednesday the 24th of November.
Channel 9 November 24 This version of the above Allan Raskall story was shown somewhere outside Melbourne with a different newsreader.
Channel 9 December 12 This is the Channel 9 News story the evening of the marathon. John Dobson (1min10) and Ian Gainey (1m20) are interviewed.
Channel 7 December 12 John and Ian are both interviewed in the Channel 7 News story shown on the evening of the marathon.
Channel 2 December 12 Ian is interviewed in the Channel 2 News story shown on the evening of the marathon. This video was recorded by phone from the TV broadcast, and the volume will need to be turned up.
Channel 9 December 10 This interview with Channel 9’s Today show was aired the Friday before the marathon.

There was also an article about the Legends in the February Edition of The Senior (Vic).

Ian Gainey (SW1) is also featured after becoming the first wheelchair Spartan to qualify for the Hall of Fame.

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