Photos of Spartans Running on the 10th of October

Sunday October 10 was the original date for the 2021 marathon so we asked Spartans to send us photographs from their training runs. Many were out and about on a day that would have been a very good day for the event. This page contains all the photos we received, but we would be delighted to get more.

Paul Delaney said “Greetings from not so sunny Carlisle, Cumbria, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿” It looks very much like he is doing a Parkrun.
Len Hallett said “Why two singlets? Yes, today would have been the day to don the new milestone singlet.”

Simon Byth said “Here I am this morning at the Willsmere Billabong (a.k.a. Kew Billabong) on the main Yarra trail, getting a break during my run.”
Colin Reid said”Spartan 931 running 10kms a long way from home on the Surf Coast, on the Silo Art Trail at Rupanyup. Bring on 12/12/21″

Rose Parente said “Here is a pic of me hear home at the end of my run this morning.. would have been perfect conditions for a marathon today.”
MichaelAstill said “sure was a great morning to be out for a run with quite a few ‘go spartan!’ cheers from passing runners and a couple of cyclists!
From 10/10 I’m looking forward to 12/12 – still keeping fingers crossed. It’ll be MM number 16 for me and having just turned 60 I’d like be lining up for a red singlet around 2025”

Gary Hall said “I ran 10km today and have attached a photo of me wearing my spartan t-shirt.”
Jim Hopkins said “Today (10 October) should have been the Melbourne Marathon, and like many others, I ran a 10km today (on the 10th day of the 10th month) in a time of 56:15 – not a great time but I was doing it as a training run. I am proudly wearing my Spartan singlet; I am one of just 13 people to have earned a 40 year singlet. Looking forward to the Melbourne Marathon on 12 December, subject to restrictions.”

Cath Bombardieri said “Would have been a lovely morning for it … Long-ish slow one today but still a long way off marathon ready 🙁 Fingers crossed for December.”
Rod Bayley said “Tribute run re Marathon (would have been perfect weather)”

Michelle Tham said “Good morning 😉 Jack Hider and I are off on our Spartan run. ”
Grant Padula said “David, Good to see you on the track at St Kilda this morning and a picture of my Spartan top for the record for today given I was a day early yesterday!!”

Dan Pelly said “I’m not sure how I was supposed to get a photo during my run, I’m busy running! My wife took this in our courtyard just after I got home from a 30km run from Princes Hill along the Capital City trail to Docklands then down to the Yarra then alongside it until the Tan, 2 laps of it then headed for home the same way. I didn’t see any other Spartan s during my run but a lot of runners and cyclists gave me thumbs up or just a smile.”
David Foskey at Brighton Baths said “Just over half-way for distance, well under half way for time”

Kerry Clapham was at Timboon Rail Trail Walk with Jarrod Mast. Kerry said “Nice morning for a 21.1 trail run with Jarrod Mast”.
Vicki Thompson said “I don’t know how to take a selfie while I’m running so this will have to do taken at the end of my 10km plod. Didn’t see any other runners! Hope everyone enjoyed their run.”

Candida Baskcomb said: “Here’s me… Candida Baskcomb SF106 out running today past the pit building on the Marathon course at Albert Park …looking a little empty today… on what would have been perfect weather to run! Spotted one other green singlet this morning… Roll on December!”
Alex Whitworth ran 10km in Sydney and said: “Scenic view of North Head”

Sarah Wals said: “I am fortunate to live in regional Victoria and this morning’s training run was on the beach at Ocean Grove. Stay safe & well. Fingers crossed for the 12th of December!”
Cameron Handley said: “Just about to head out for my run today looking forward to Dec!”

Nev Gardner said “I took my photo in a nearby Croydon park just a few minutes into my 10km run, in what would have been perfect Marathon conditions. I left home at 7.00am to emulate the normal MM start time but not forgetting that it’s an hour earlier this year. Lets hope it’s all Systems go on 12/12. ”
Brenton Ponza setting off for an indoor workout!

Helen Nobile said “Half marathon and marathon long run training done thanks for the company @von1260 13.5kms 28kms nice day for it today what would have been Melbourne Marathons usual day. Here’s to December 12 🙌🏼 More time to train and raise funds for the MYROOM CHILDREN’S CANCER CHARITY if you would like to support me. Link
Brenda Hutchinson said “#10TEN10… ran the actual 10km course. Have never done anything other than the marathon so was an interesting change. Glad we don’t have to run across the William Barak Bridge”

Eric Heine and Julian Sack before their run.

Mike Zervos ran a marathon in support of Courage to Care whose donation page is here.

Geoff Sloan said “Smashed out 14km. Loved it.”
Pamela Young said “Attached is a photo of me yesterday before my run and a series of Haiku. We will get there.”

Gerard Brown said “Unfortunately my marathon days are gone but it was great to don the old singlet again this morning for old time sake. I only managed 14k around Aberfeldie Park and the Maribyrnong river this morning so I will have to complete my marathon over the next two Sundays. Good luck to all who are still going the distance. At this time of the year I always feel a little sad that I can’t be part of the action. All the best and I hope the weather is kind to you on December 12th”
Cathy Roberts said “Decided to kill 2 birds so to speak – ran Virtual Boston marathon in my Spartan singlet. Got lots of comments as I ran down the Bay from Albert Park.”

Stephen Barker said “After 12k at Yan Yean”

Andrew Mott said “Melbourne marathon yesterday run for me only 10km after working 10hrs in the morning in 44mins flat trail run looking at the Western Port Bay in Hastings starting at the pier with the boats. Sorry for the late email I didn’t run until 4:30pm last night and was working again today in the morning for 9hrs.”

Simon Iskenderian said “Sending my picture from this morning’s run.”

Bruce Venables said “I managed to complete the Sunshine Coast Marathon on 10th October this year. Given that it was Melbourne Marathon day and there was a Spartan Club run I wore the Spartan singlet for the day.”