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David Foskey times, 1978 to 2012

For the amusement of some, and to set a challenge for myself, I will sporadically post my training log for the 2012 Melbourne Marathon.

The graph shows my times over the preceding years. The column on the right is the target for 2012: for the statistically minded, it is approximately 2.42 times the current world best time, and some 12 minutes better than last year.

My current training regime includes the occasional run with the longest over the previous month of 5 kilometres. I also do spin classes at gym, and some weight training. My current weight of 76 kg equates to a body mass index number of 25 putting me on the border of normal and overweight.

By September, the aim is that the longest run will be 32 kilometres, and that I will manage 2 other runs of 28 and 30 km. My weight will drop to approximately 72 kg – it was 69 kg 20 years ago. I will do fewer weights sessions, and change the emphasis to low weights, high repetitions. Spin classes will continue to provide an interval training component, and are less stressful on aging knees and ankles.


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