Oldest Runner to Finish 10 Melbourne Marathons

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We recently received an enquiry from Greg Lewison who is half way to becoming a Spartan, and thought he had a chance of becoming the oldest member to run ten consecutive Melbourne Marathons. Cath Bombardieri, who is part way through updating our database with all the runs completed by each of our members, conducted a search. The runner data is not complete, and we don’t have date of birth information for everyone, but she did manage to find two who were older when they ran their first than Greg was.

Keith Mander ran his first in 1980, one month before his 60th birthday, and became a Spartan in 1989 aged 68. Bill Page was also 59 when he ran his first in 1989 and completed 13 consecutive Melbournes.

Antony Martin is in a class of his own, however, by running his first in 1979, and his 33rd in 2011 at the age of 83.


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