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We have just added a new page which lists name and number of every Melbourne Marathon Spartan. This has been extracted from our database.

A Spartans database was first developed in 1987/8 when the club was formed. Written in Clipper, it was updated by John Raskas who was then Club Secretary. Some years later, it was changed to an Access system, I think in the time of Peter Feldman. A few years ago it was decided that a third generation was appropriate and it was rewritten in C# and loaded onto a laptop computer purchased by the club. Too many people have contributed to the input process over its nearly 25 years of life for them all to be named, but Christine Hodges and Maureen Wilson should be mentioned. Cath Bombardieri is the current custodian and is 40% through the mammoth task of entering every result for every runner.

The usefulness of the database will increase as more data is loaded. Already it has been used to produce the graphs seen on various pages, for example, the personal record of Shirley Young and the aggregated times of the Legends.


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  1. Cath  June 27, 2012

    What a team! Imagine the cumulative number of running hours … !