2012 Training – Final Update

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In my original post, I set a few targets for training. The chief aim was to have at least two runs in the 30k range, and this has been achieved. However, although quantity has been OK the quality has been lacking. I also wanted to lose a couple of kilograms, and I’ve done this but haven’t quite reached my target. Peter Ryan also wanted to lose a little and went “dry in July” – such dedication. I’m still doing the occasional spin class to add some variation and interval training.

One new component this year was the acquisition of a watch equipped with GPS and heart rate monitor. This has been useful in a few ways, not least because it enables an accurate determination of distance covered. It is also interesting to see a run laid out on a map. However, it is most useful during long runs to ensure that the heart rate doesn’t become too high. I’ve found in the past that a sprint is a luxury that is paid for over a longer period.

The ultimate aim of this training is to finish, and to finish faster than last year. Long runs have been longer than 2011, at least in terms of time.

October 14 is three weeks away, so the longest run planned is 25 km next week with up to 16 the Sunday before. As always, the tendency to do too much must be resisted.


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