Men’s World’s Best Marathon Time Set by a Kenyan

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Dennis Kipruto Kimetto has run 2:02:57 to win the 2014 Berlin Marathon, taking 26 seconds off the previous World Record and becoming the first man under 2:03, beating the ineligible 2:03:02 set at Boston in 2011. He is Kenyan, as is the second place getter with the third placed runner being Ethiopian.

The Ethiopia-Kenya corner of the world has produced an extraordinary proportion of top male and female marathoners in the last twenty years. This article at shows that the source of these runners is even more specific, with most runners coming from the Kalenjin tribe. Both Kimetto and Wilson Kipsang, the previous record holder, are Kalenjin.

A count of the best 112 times of 2013 sees 61 Kenyans, 37 Ethiopians, and 3 Eritreans. A Moroccan runner was in position 59 with a Japanese runner at position 62.

In 1990 the best time was 2:08:16 by Steve Moneghetti, also at Berlin. Had that time been run in 2013 it would have been the 107th fastest time.

Just incidentally, there were a claimed 40,004 entries for the 2014 Berlin.


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