Photos taken after the Finish

The photographs below were taken at the Spartan banner positioned after the finish with Paul Basile’s camera. Names of images are the time in hhmmss format, eg image named 084515 was taken at 8:45:15. Images are published in time sequence. Names without Spartan numbers will be of runners doing their tenth Melbourne. To search the page press Ctrl-F to bring up a search box.

To see the photos taken from Felicity Doolan’s phone, click here.

The images as published are reduced in size to speed the time for the page to load. If you want to a copy of an original image, please email to [email protected].

David Alcock S1313

Russell Dalton

Travis Thornton

Darren Chester S1231

Darren Chester S1231 and Morgan Chester

Chris Campbell S1054

Jamie Craik S738

Klaudio Podreka S1203

John Zeleznikow S682 (Half Marathon, Committee member)

Colleen White

Noel Ashford S1376

Roger Simkin

Jane Sturzaker SF0052

Noel Ashford S1376

Keith Morrison S0899

Christopher Worsnop S1009

Pui-Shan Jones SF0124

Penny Gosling SF0139

Cath Bombardieri SF0068

Mark Roberts

Gavin Criddle S0973

Stephen Campbell S1379

Georgia Iliadis SF0085

Georgia Iliadis SF0085 and Mark Wenckowski

Grant Hickey S1381

Stephen Campbell S1379 and Grant Hickey S1381

Jarrod Mast S1360

Brenda Hutchinson SF0121

Leonard Hallett S1202

Peter Wheeldon S1244

Jay Fleming S1012

Andrew Morrison S1001

Pamela Young SF0093

Rod Bayley S0612

Stephen Barker S368 and Jarrod Mast S1360

Charles Harcoan S120

Otmar Raus S1079

Doug Wheeler S602

David Craik S0884

Ken Watt S844

David Foskey S25

James Rinaldi S1290

Lorraine Allen SF11

Kari Jortikka S924

Andy Moore S276

Duncan Bartley S791

Ian Campbell S95

Greg Payne S930

Graham Wiltshire S1263

Alex Whitworth S882

Alex Whitworth S882 and Karti Mahendran

Kerry Clapham S1361 and Bruce Hargreaves S39

Ian Harris S0962

Colin Silcock-Delaney S0147 (Assisting photographers)

Hugh Creamer S0180

Anubhav Tewari S122345

Roger Weinstein S81

Roger Weinstein S81 and family

Robert Boyce S1198

Francis Kaszmarek S940


Tony Martin S0479