Photos taken after the Finish

The photographs below were taken at the Spartan banner positioned after the finish. Images are posted in the sequence they were taken, on Felicity Doolan’s phone. Names without Spartan numbers will be of runners doing their tenth Melbourne. To search the page press Ctrl-F to bring up a search box.

To see the photos from Paul Basile’s phone, click here.

The images as published are reduced in size to speed the time for the page to load. If you want to a copy of an original image, please email to [email protected].

Hugh McCarthy, Jake Ward S1349

Donald Bailey S1275

David Martini S1171.

Rob Follett S1152

John Weatherlake S1364

Paul Harman

Adam Hewitt S1281

John Kondogonis S1223

Nathan Scott S1358

Nathan Scott S1358, Tristan Miller S1287

Mark Alexander S1138

Chris O’Brien

Matthew Sheehan

Mark Hurley

Stewart Skinner S1087

John Dawson-Wink

Matt Callaghan S1269

Hamish Blair

Matthew Arms

Wayne Thompson S78

Con Zanetidis S0607

Brendan Pelham S1257

Derek Couper S1286

Laurence Irlicht

Anthony Egan S1158

Gavin Donner S1083 and Adrian Sbrugera S1347

Mark Goodwin S1375

Barry Rosenberg S1256

Gary Russell S1074

Cameron Handley

Simon Walker S1214

Trent Malcolm S1399

Geoff Sloan S1393

Tony Stephens S1161, Philip Green S1080 and Daniel Pelly S1220

Daniel Pelly S1220

Peter Black S1065

Craig Rawson S1356

Mark Foley S0979

Steven Lightowler S0400

Christopher Grafen S1011

Tim Fearn-wannan S1133

Andrew Mott S1278

Trevor Marsh S751 and Ken Marsh S0974

Adrian Jeffkins S1160

Travis Thornton

Bruce Venables S1242

Simon Byth S1093

Andrew Joosen

Serena Zienau SF0114

Serena Zienau SF0114 and Syd Bone S1119

Syd Bone S1119

Chris McTaggart S1167

MARWAN ZEITOUNE and Chris McTaggart S1167

Andrew Baker S1302

Michael Astill S1190

David Galea S1042

Catherine Hunter

Michelle Tham SF0087

Colin Silcock-Delaney S0147 (Committee)

Brett Pressnell

Kuniko Bowden SF0060

Tom Paton

Brendan Wray S1350

Peter Erasmus

Max Zimmermann S1204

Jim Poussard

Justin Hansen S1096

Denis Ward S1189

Mark van der Meulen and Sally Eenjes

Sally Eenjes

Mark van der Meulen

Sarah Wals SF0128


John Dobson S21 and Kelvin Marshall S0849

John Dobson S21

Kelvin Marshall S0849

Anil Nayyar S1225

David Zhou S1332

Kai Ooi S1346

David Zhou S1332 and Kai Ooi S1346

Michael Miriklis S1002

Hilton Kahlberg S0997

David Smythe

Geoffrey Thuring S1289

Cameron Stamp S1389

David Nanfra

Jim Parsons S1142

Vicky Chung SF0133

Jack Hider S1271

Yao Wang SF0101

Grant Padula S1277

Peter Seal S1218

Patrick Herft S0968

Russ Goodwin S1351

Leigh Murphy S1164

Brian Horne S1252

Agni Ziogos SF45 and Maureen Wilson SF34

Maureen Wilson SF34

Goji Enomoto

Wayne Terrington S1371

Peder Haugen S1315

David Adams

Eric Heine S0872

Courtney Blood

Rodney Gunn S1250

Chester Lennon S1139

Carolyn Lau SF0132

Adrian Woolard S1216

Vanya Krstonosic S1314

Tom O’Reilly S1365

Mandy Skipper SF0066

Jim Hopkins S0125

Cathy Roberts SF0119

Grayson Summers S290

Michael Dale S1121

Vilim Podreka S1052 and Frank Pupic S1292

Vilim Podreka S1052

Frank Pupic S1292

Vilim Podreka S1052, Frank Pupic S1292 and Michael Evagora S1188

Michael Evagora S1188

Ruth Fantozzi SF104

Gary Hall S1353

Andrew McKenzie

Debbie McKenzie and Andrew McKenzie

Johnathon Jacobson

Robyn Fletcher SF0084

Colin Tickner S1357

Frank Palermo S1237

Candida Baskcomb SF106

Ian Gainey SW1

Angelo Augello

Malcolm Bulafkin S0797 and Josh Sher S2140

Malcolm Bulafkin S0797

Josh Sher S2140

Helen Ferrucci-Nobile SF0113