2019 Marathon Photographs

Here is a collection of photos taken on marathon day. If you have something you’d like considered, please send it to [email protected].

The Pre-Marathon Expo

2019 Life Member Colin Silcock-Delaney relaxing in the Expo tent before our first visitors. Colin is reading Kundalini Running written by 2019 AGM speaker Doug Wilson.

Committee member Vicky Chung persuading a 5k runner to upgrade to the marathon: “You will be a Spartan in 2028”.

Committee member and Legend John Dobson showing the personalised inscription in a copy of “The Wall” purchased by a visitor.

John Dobson with 15 year old Oliver Steenholdt. Treasurer Rod Bayley is attending to business in the tent.
We have heard from Oliver who ran the 10k: ‘Thank you you to the spartan team for giving me some pre-race inspiration to run my best and “never give up”. I was happy with my time of 36:59 mins with a rough 7th and 8th km I pushed through. I had a read of the book “The Wall” before my race and boy it was motivating seeing some great runners. A big thank you to John Dobson for signing my book and gifting me with it. Thank you and I will see you next year competing in the half marathon.’

During the Race

Ian Gainey after finishing his 29th Melbourne Marathon. One more for Hall of Fame eligibility!

Mike Zervos during his 15th.
Things go better with Coke!

Pamela Young with a supporter somewhere along the way

A random supporter.

John Kaparelis and John Dean passing supporter and future Spartan Megan Thorburn.

Yvonne Baldwin with Helen Ferrucci-Nobile.

David Blom on the way to the fastest of his 12 Melbournes.

What do you do if you are an injured Spartan who cannot run?
If you are Candida Baskcomb you volunteer and hand out medals to finishers! (Note the Spartan buff.)

After the Race

John Dean ran his 32nd consecutive Melbourne Marathon in 2009. He broke his leg before the 2010 marathon and reluctantly ended his sequence. 2019 saw him come out of “retirement” to complete his 33rd Melbourne.
We believe he was heard to say “never again”, but that is unconfirmed.

Paul Basile does a lot of work organising the expo tent and the Spartan tent, so hadn’t actually run the marathon since 2012. This year, he ran, and is pictured here having a well-earned massage from Lisa.

Margaret, thank you for giving up your Sunday morning!

Judy also chose to have an active Sunday morning.

Life Member Jack Fredrickson (S0323) has helped manage the race day tent for several years.

Colin Silcock-Delaney follows his expo sessions with a full day looking after the race day tent. He is pictured here with John Dobson.
Incidentally, race day was Colin’s 87th birthday!

Francis Kaszmarek (27 Melbournes) runs his marathons wearing thongs. Apparently this pair is a little upmarket from his normal choice.

And this is a photo of Francis out on the course wearing thongs.

Rick Patzold ran his 9th Melbourne (Spartan in 2020?) and Kelvin Marshall ran his 34th Melbourne.
At 1 November 2019 the 100 Marathon Club site shows Rick has run 294 marathons and 7 ultras, whilst Kelvin has run 200 marathons and a staggering 381 ultras!

Vicky Chung who qualified for Spartan status is shown with Matt Callaghan who ran his 12th. Both are Committee members.

Cathy Roberts (left) and Tristan Miller (second from right) both finished their 12th Melbournes.

John Dobson, David Foskey and John Dean pictured with some future Spartans

Ray Cilia and John Kaparelis.

Trevor Marsh (28 Melbournes) pictured with Ken Marsh (16 Melbournes).

Mike Zervos with medal.

Legend Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves has for many years hosted an after party in a nearby hotel.
Pictured: Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves at left with four incoming Spartans: Kai Ooi (S1346), Kerry Clapham (S1361), Cheryl Simons (SF0148), David Cannings (S1378)
David Cannings lives in Papua New Guinea so has an extra level of difficulty.

Tyler Parfuss (11 runs) and Tom Roach (his 10th).

Tate Kemp (13 runs) and his friend Dom Manago.

Brenton Ponza (13 runs) and David Foskey.

German Runner’s Marathon Report

Jürgen Sinthofen ran this year’s marathon and created a web page holding some interesting photos. Spartans are represented!