Melbourne Marathon Spartans

Eric Heine – Marathon des Sables

Eric Heine (S0872) has entered the 2015 Marathon des Sables with his son and some friends. They are supporting Robert de Castella’s Indigenous Marathon Project. Full details here.

Rohan King

See here for a tribute to Rohan King S1038.

Latest Newsletter

February Newsletter Available If you aren’t on the email list and wish to be join here.

See for a PDF of the 2014 results. Spartan numbers included, even 2014 inductees! All events are on this PDF.

Pre and After Race photos

See this page for some photos from the expo and from the Spartans tent after the run.

New Events Added

We’ve added some new events to our events page so please check them out, especially if you like running on trails. They are Wangaratta February 22 and Canberra March 21-22. Both these events offer a little extra for Spartans.

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39 New Spartans

We’ve updated our list of all Spartans with 39 new runners. Congratulations! The hot conditions and injury prevented a small number of runners completing their 10th – we hope that 2015 will be the year for them.

The times for all Spartans will be added when available.

2014 Marathon Run

6415 runners completed the 2014 Melbourne Marathon on the hottest day for more than 6 months. Over the next few weeks we will list the Spartans who completed the race and issue numbers to those who became eligible by running their 10th Melbourne Marathon.

The pre-marathon expo was marked by an effort to meet as many Spartans and other runners as possible, and to sell some merchandise. Copies of “The Wall” were popular, as were our Spartan logo mugs. We still have many of the older Spartan singlets available for those who want a training singlet or a memento. See this page for some photos from the expo.

In the News

The article at left appeared in the Herald-Sun on the morning of the marathon. Somewhere along the line, Tony decided to run the marathon which he duly completed.

Pete finished his 37th Melbourne Marathon but outside the cut-off time of 7 hours.

And here is a link to a story on Manny Karageorgiou who finished his 37th after serious illness.

Rory Wilson (S0431) was unfortunately badly injured in a road accident earlier in the year. This article gives details of some fund raising efforts on Rory’s behalf..

AGM Held

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 15th of September at the MCG. There were more than 140 Spartans, family and friends in attendance. Guest speakers Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray kept everyone enthralled as they described running 366 marathons in 366 days while circling Australia. They are passionate and persuasive advocates of a raw vegan lifestyle.

Images from the night are shown here.

The image shows Alan and Janette with the 10 year Spartans after they had received their singlets.

PDF of 2013 results

As most people now know there was no results book published for the 2013 Melbourne Marathon.
We recently received this email from Mike Peters of

Melbourne Marathon 2013 results including marathon, marathon wheelchair, 21km, 10km, and 3km in a PDF document. PDF is searchable and Spartan numbers are appended to names.

PDF can be verified with official results:

To the best of my knowledge the 2012 results booklet was the last published for an Australian marathon. Excepting the Melbourne Marathon, the last published booklet was 2010 “Cities” Marathon (Western Sydney).

The Events Page

Just a reminder that this page has details of events that might be of interest to Spartans or runners in general. Check the page if you are interested in running the Comrades ultra marathon in 2015.

Recent News

Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves writes of his experiences in the 2014 Comrades ultra marathon. Highly recommended. If you’d like to join him in 2015, read this.

John Kaparelis shares his story as a first time pacer.


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Thanks to committee member John Kaparelis both for the original idea and the follow up work.

2013 Melbourne Marathon has been run

October 13 was ideal for marathon running and many runners were pleasantly surprised by their times. The number of runners having massages was a little down, probably due to the cool afternoon. Colin Silcock-Delaney, Jack Fredrickson, and John Dean made sure everything ran smoothly.

All the 10 Legends finished. Ian Campbell, Bryan Flegg, Chas Harcoan, Antony Martin, Dennis Nish, and Richard Tann joined the ranks of Spartans who have completed 35 Melbourne Marathons. Tony Martin is shown below, using his 85 years of life experience to help Meri Moriguchi and and Phenchan Kavanagh across the line.

Spartan times for 2013 have now been entered.

Pictured at right is Ian Gainey who completed his 25th Melbourne, an effort unlikely to be ever equalled.

Spartans often have articles written about them in their local newspapers and Cyndi Nunn has recently featured in the Ballarat Courier. Ian Gainey was profiled in the Wyndham Weekly. Some editions of the Herald Sun on September 22 carried a story about the Legends. The Age recently published a story featuring Hall of Fame member John Burt in his day job.

Thanks to Jane Sturzaker for Ian Gainey’s photograph and to IMG for the photo of Tony Martin. If anyone has some images they would like to share, please send them to

This year Cyndi Nunn became a Spartan, just like Mum (Jill) and Dad (Brendan). The picture at right shows how they celebrated.

There are a number of other Spartans who have similar tattoos, including two of the Spartan Legends. It is, however, unlikely that they will become compulsory.

2013 AGM Photos

We have just published photographs from the 2013 AGM.

This was a great evening with many highlights:
- new singlets unveiled;
- presentation of singlets;
- Hall of Fame inductions;
- inspirational talk by guest speaker Tristan Miller;
- large attendance despite inclement weather.

New Shirley Young Story

Written by Kevin Cassidy and published in a recent edition of Ultra magazine, this story describes an aspect of Shirley’s running history that might be unfamiliar to mere marathoners. Ultra magazine is published by The Australian Ultra Runners Association.

Message from our Patron

We have just published a message from Robert de Castella who is our patron and Australia’s most successful marathon runner ever.

“The Wall: The history of the Melbourne Marathon 1978-2012″

Size: 20x30cm

Size: 20×30.5cm

This handsome hardback book is now available for purchase. You will be proud to display it on your coffee table and will pick it up to read the report of your fastest marathon, or look again at some of the 500 pictures it contains.

Who better to write this history than Chris Muirden who is a journalist, has been course director and has three Melbourne Marathon times under 2:46? The range of the book is extraordinary. There is a detailed report of the leading runners for each marathon. The administrators who made it possible are given their due respect. There are sections covering celebrities who have run and VFL/AFL footballers who have found it a far more difficult challenge than expected.

Chris made many discoveries while researching and some of the most insightful sections are the interviews with past competitors. These are interspersed as breakouts throughout the book. Seek out the sections on Shirley Young, Kylie Dick, and Russell Foley.

The Spartans are well covered with nine pages. Club formation is described and there are interviews with the Legends and the “Almost Legends”. Not surprisingly, Spartans also feature strongly throughout all pages.

Order direct from Chris via email at It is also available at Dymocks book stores – seen in Camberwell and Bendigo, so probably available everywhere.

Who are the Spartans?

Melbourne Marathon Spartans have all completed at least ten Melbourne Marathons. Anyone who achieves this feat is allocated a number which is to be worn for all subsequent Melbourne Marathons. Spartan singlets are issued when a runner reaches 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 runs. 201 Spartans completed the 2012 marathon, and 35 new Spartans ran their tenth. After the 2012 running there are 1144 men, 78 women and 2 wheelchair Spartans. The 2012 results are here.

Ten runners have completed all 35 runs from 1978 to 2012. These runners are designated Legends. A further 20 have completed at least 30. See the Hall of Fame page for a full list.

The Spartans Club

The Melbourne Marathon Spartans Club is incorporated and complies fully with its statutory requirements. The modest member fees are used to:

  • Run the Annual General Meeting. Guest speakers have included Robert de Castella (Club Patron), Steve Moneghetti and Derek Clayton.
  • Provide a tent, refreshments, and masseurs at the Marathon venue.
  • Printing of Singlets.
  • Publish a newsletter.
  • Send emails to members on our mailing list when we learn something of interest.
  • Maintain a database of all members.

In addition, we meet regularly with IMG to discuss various aspects of the Marathon.

If you aren’t financial for 2014-15, please download the membership renewal form.

Joining the Spartans

If you have already run ten Melbourne Marathons, or plan to run your 10th in 2014:

  • Advise us of your marathon times, as accurately as possible. These will be confirmed by the club.
  • A good resource to find your times is the “Search for Runners” on AUSRUNNING.
  • Also advise us of your contact details and date of birth.
  • Pay the annual subscription fee for 2014-15.

There were 24 new Spartans in 2013, including five females. There were 205 financial members in early February 2014.